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Slimthicccsenpai | Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

The TikTok account Slimthicccsenpai is a popular account on the platform for dance as well as other anime related videos. But Who Is Slimthicccsenpai on TikTok?

As the popularity of the TikTok app increases day by day, many people are regularly creating some kind of unique and entertaining videos on the platform.

However, the lip-syncing app is not limited to being an app for entertainment purposes only. TikTok has created many popular personalities as it has brought massive fame and money to a very selected group of creators.

While many people enjoy the fame and popularity brought by the lip-syncing app, some people create a fake persona of themselves and hide their face behind the mask.

One of them is the TikTok personality that goes by the account name Slimthicccsenpai. Slimthicccsenpai is an anime based TikTok account as the lady operator of the account often associates herself with anime.

She puts on a villainous-looking big mask on her face that looks like the mask of the character Dr Giovanni from the anime, Fire Force. In resonance with her black big mask, Slimthicccsenpai also dresses up in all black in almost all of her videos.

In fact, she has created the masked character as her personality on the TikTok app.

How Old Is Slimthicccsenpai?

The TikTok superstar, Slimthicccsenpai’s age seems to be around 20-25 years old.

To be precise, the media personality has never revealed her actual age or birthdate. But looking at the glimpses of her appearance and her look in a normal face mask, Slimthicccsenpai appears to be a rather young girl, maybe in her early 20s.

As the lady has several really opened up about her personal matter, there is no concrete information on Slimthicccsenpai’s actual age.

What Is Slimthicccsenpai Real Name?

Slimthicccsenpai’s real name still remains unknown as the lady has kept fake names in all of her social media accounts.

The Slim Thicc Senpai from the TikTok app is known for keeping her identity secret and similar is the case with her real name.

While the lady has made sure to not reveal her actual name, she has kept ‘Bubonic Babe’ and ‘Lil hot topic booty’ as her account names on Instagram and Twitter respectively.

Has Slimthicccsenpai Done Any Face Reveal?

Technically speaking, Slimthicccsenpai has revealed her face but not in a single picture.

While not wearing the big mask, Slimthicccsenpai usually puts on a normal face mask to hide her face. But she has allowed her fans to see her face even though she uploaded bits by bits.

While uploading photos without a mask, Slimthicccsenpai uploads either the picture of the upper part of her face including her eyes and nose or the lower part of her face showing her mouth and chin.

Here you can see that she has shown her face but not in a complete manner. So, Slimthicccsenpai has done a face reveal technically while she also hasn’t shown her full face yet.

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