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Peter Turbo | Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

What actually happened to Peter ‘Turbo’ Teatoff? Why was he jailed? Learn below. 

Peter Turbo Teatoff is an Australian former reality TV star.

He played one of the main roles in the hit show called Outback Truckers for four seasons. For the same show, he dedicated his 4 years to filming.

Furthermore, Peter has also had involvement in speaking roles on Outback Kmart TV advertisements and promotions.

More about him, he has more than 30 years of driving experience all over Australia.

Besides Outback Truckers, Peter has also made his appearances in movies such as ghost rider, matrix, lost world, the great rade, and so on. He also played the main extra role in a country town.

What Happened To Peter Turbo From Outback Truckers?

Peter Turbo Teatoff from Outback Truckers was sent to prison after committing fraud.

As recorded in TV Tonight, the driver was arrested and put in jail at Brisbane Correctional Centre in July 2016.

Nearly 10 people made allegations against him for doing a fraudulent act. In specific terms, Turno had a string of debts to be paid that amounted to $26,000 in total.

In social media, many users have referred to him as a con man. 

There is also a video titled “Enraged Peter Teatoff fired up over unpaid debts “, where he could be seen threatening a guy verbally talking about guns and bullets. 

Is Peter Turbo Still Jailed? More Update On Him

Peter Turbo Teatoff is not in jail as noted in a blog called Aliciafitch.

It is found from the social media platforms that the reality star has already been out in September after being imprisoned for around 2 to 3 months.

For now, nothing has been confirmed about Peter’s release from jail and his further life after coming out from prison. Peter is absent from social media handles and could not be found available on Instagram or Facebook or any other networking channels. 

That’s the reason why we could not get fresh and direct updates about Peter Teatoff.

Peter Turbo Teatoff Wife Or Girlfriend

Information regarding Peter Turbo Teatoff’s wife or girlfriend is not yet explored on the net.

Other than his professional experience and his imprisonment, nothing much personal has been written about the former reality star. 

Regarding his family life, as far as we know, the actor Peter never made any revelations about his partner, children, and parents.

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