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Hans Raum | Facts, Scientist, Biography, Writings, Literature


IntroA German scientist and agricultural historian
WhatHistorian, Agrarian historian, Writer, Educator
TypeAcademia, Literature, Social Science
Birth20 October 1976 , Hilpoltstein, Roth, Middle Franconia, Bavaria
Death1 November 1983 , Freising, Freising, Upper Bavaria, Bavaria (aged 7 years)


Hans (Johannes) Raum (born November 1, 1883 in Hilpoltstein, † October 20, 1976 in Freising) was a German crop scientist and agricultural historian.


Raum studied agriculture at the Technical University of Munich and did his doctorate there in 1906 with a dissertation on morphological changes in the cereal grains depending on climatic conditions. He then worked as a seed inspector. Since 1912 he worked at the Bavarian State Breeding Institute Weihenstephan. In 1921 he accepted a professorship in agriculture at the University of Agriculture and Brewery in Weihenstephan. Here he represented the areas of plant breeding, seed science and grassland. In 1934 he was prematurely retired for political reasons. From 1946 until his retirement in 1949, he was full professor and director of the Institute for Arable and Crop Science at the Technical University of Munich in Weihenstephan.

Great merit was given to the preservation and reproduction of older genetic material for plant breeding. He sustainably promoted forage cultivation and grassland in Bavaria. His book publications were primarily practice-oriented writings. After retiring, he researched the history of agricultural science in Weihenstephan and Munich for over twenty years and published the results of his studies in a large number of publications. Most of these contributions appeared in the Bavarian Agricultural Yearbook and in a series of publications he published himself under the title Contributions to the History of Weihenstephan.

After the Second World War, Raum was the first dean of the agricultural faculty of the Technical University of Munich and the bearer of the Bavarian Order of Merit (conferred in 1963). In addition, he was a member of the Bavarian Constituent Assembly in 1946.

Hans Raum became a member of the Catholic student association KDSt.V. during his studies on November 24, 1902. Vindelicia Munich in CV.


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  • The good meadow plants and their care . Freising 1925 = Practical farmers’ library.
  • Contributions to the history of Weihenstephan H. 1–13, Weihenstephan 1954–1973. – In this series (H. 10, 1967) Raum published his memoirs.


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