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Mutahi Kagwe | Facts, Kenyan Politician, Career, Biography, Personal Life

QUICK FACTS Intro Kenyan politician Is Politician From Kenya Type Politics Gender Male Birth 1 January 1958 Age 62 years BIOGRAPHY Hon. Mutahi Kagwe (born January, 1958) is a tenured politician from the Republic of Kenya. He is a former Cabinet Minister for Information and Communications and current Senator of Nyeri County. He chairs the…

Mastani | Facts, Indian General, Biography, Early Life, Career

QUICK FACTS Intro Indian general, prime minister Is Minister From India Type Religion Gender Female Birth Bundelkhand Family Father: Chhatrasal, Spouse: Baji Rao I, Children: Krishna Rao Mastani was the second wife of the Maratha Peshwa Bajirao I. She is said to have been a beautiful and brave woman, skilled in arts, literature, and warfare….

Heinrich Huttmann | Facts, German Politician, Death, Star Sign, Biography, Life

QUICK FACTS Intro German politician What Politician From Germany Type Politics Gender Times Birth November 20, 1868 , Schönwalde am Bungsberg, Germany Death 22 October 1928 , Frankfurt am Main, Germany (aged 59 years) Star Sign Scorpio Politics Social Democratic Party of Germany, Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany BIOGRAPHY Heinrich Hüttmann (born November 20, 1868 in Schönwalde,…

Fuheng | Facts, Qing Dynasty Official, Death, Biography

QUICK FACTS Intro Qing Dynasty official A.K.A. Fucha Fuheng From China Gender Male Birth 1 January 1720 Death 1 January 1770, Beijing (aged 50 years) Family Father: LirongbaoSiblings: Fu-ch’ing, Guangcheng, FuyuChildren: Fulong’an, Fuk’anggan, Fu Changan BIOGRAPHY Fuheng (Chinese: 傅恒; pinyin: Fùhéng; Manchu: ᡶᡠᡥᡝᠩ; Möllendorff: Fuheng; Abkai: Fuheng; Burmese: ဖူဟင်း; died July 1770), courtesy name Chunhe (春和), was…