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Cary Fagan | Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

The famous upcoming photographer Cary Fagan is on the way to be canceled by Twitter for the disgraceful acts against many women and teens. 

StopCaryFagon is slowly on its way to the sky over all of the social media.

The artist has been accused of molesting and using women to his will by luring them to a hopeful photography session.

The artist is well known for attending many headlines events organized by mainstream companies like Dior, Nike, Offwhite, and so on. It seems like side by side the Cary had been using his fame to his benefit.

Photographer: Who Is Cary Fagan From Houston?

Born in Arizona and now residing in Houston, Cary Fagan is an artist who believes his work transcends the boundaries of any art form.

Cary started as a photographer and filmmaker, and he is said to be attracted to the profession when the rise of digital technology seemed to reign over the 21st century.

Cary’s work is described as timeless beyond its analog format; the core is that it wants people to “understand what is happening and the relationship with ” when they look at it.

Well known for his artistic works and appearances, Cary is also becoming famous in the media from the allegation placed agist him by the previous workers and people around him.

Cary Fagan Accusations: What Did He do? 

Cary Fagan is now facing an accusation for it immoral acts from the women he has worked with.

Many women have come up with their victim stories where Cary was a serial predator, abuser, pedophile, rapist.

Most of the victims followed a similar incident. They were the fans of Cary Fagan and Carry, and the victim would always plan to do a photo shoot.

For the photoshoot, Carry would message the girls to try on different bathing suits, even him handpicking the most revealing ones the girls owned and forcing the girls to try that on.

They would do video calls regularly on Skype, trying new revealing fits one by one. After a few days of calls and messages, Cary would simply ghost the girls, unfollowing and blocking them from his social media.

Well, if he did not ghost them, he invites the victims to shop and rape them in his cars. Most of the rape victims accused him of being pedophiles lurking around for teenage girls.

What Is #Stopcaryfagan?

As news of Caral Fagan, disgusting acts flashed in the news, more and more victims stepped up to tell their stories.

The group formed a forum and account with the username StopCaryFagan.

The alleged victims would share their traumatic experiences and proof against him in the group. They even started to initiate their movement to the mainstream as the group spray-painted #Stopcaryfan on a highway road in Houston, Texas. 

The #Stopcaryfagon goal is to punish the photographer and strip away his power to use girls for his benefits and place him in jail.

Cary Fagan Wife And Age- Bio

The popular artist is yet to be married and seems to enjoy single life.

His shameless acts against younger teens and women have hinted he is not in a committed relationship with any woman.

Moreover, if he had a wife or a partner, chances of him getting divorces are high off the charts.

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