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Alvin King Kong Leung (born 1961), is a British born, Canadian raised chef who holds three Michelin stars at his restaurant Bo Innovation in Hong Kong and one Michelin star in his restaurant Bo London in London. He is nicknamed The Demon Chef, and has invented his own cuisine which he calls X-Treme Chinese, which includes meals such as an edible condom on a mushroom beach. He spent £1.7 million on his second restaurant, Bo London, based in Mayfair, London. A third restaurant, Bo Shanghai has been opened in Shanghai, China.


Leung was born in London in 1961 as the eldest of four brothers, and was raised in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. His first job in the culinary world was as a waiter, but afterwards trained as an engineer. He moved to Hong Kong and purchased a speakeasy called “Bo Inosaki” for £3,000, renaming it Bo Innovation.

A self-taught chef, Leung gave himself the nickname “The Demon Chef”, and is known for a style of cooking he calls “X-Treme Chinese”. He describes the Demon moniker as coming from the Greek word “Daimôn”, meaning “good-spiritedness”. While X-Treme Chinese is a combination of fusion cuisine and molecular gastronomy, and is meant to show that the food he creates is pushing the limits.

His dishes at Bo Innovation include one called “Sex on a Beach” which involves an edible condom made out of a konjac and kappa on a beach made of mushroom. The condom itself is filled with a mixture of honey and ham. All of the proceeds from that dish go to charity AIDS Concern. His restaurant in Hong Kong received two stars in the Michelin Guide’s inaugural 2009 Hong Kong and Macau edition, then upgraded to three stars in 2014 edition, and by 2012 was ranked in 52nd place in the list of the World’s Best Restaurants.

In December 2012, Leung opened a second restaurant, Bo London, in London, England. Within 10 months of opening, Bo London had gained its first Michelin star. Leung said that he intends for it to serve classic British fare such as dishes commonly served at Bed & Breakfasts, but with Chinese ingredients. He spent £500,000 on the site in Mill Street, Mayfair, and together with equipping the restaurant is expected to spend around £1 million on the restaurant. In March 2014, the restaurant closed following a ‘serious water leak’.

He appeared on episode eight of the Bravo cooking travel show Around the World in 80 Plates. The episode was named after him, entitled “Feeding the Demon”. Alongside the winner of MasterChef Canada Season 1, Eric Chong, Leung is currently opening a restaurant called R&D in Toronto. The restaurant is expected to be opened in early 2015 and is named after the nicknames for Chong and Leung respectively, Rebel and Demon.

Leung serves as one of three judges in MasterChef Canada. He also serves as one of the judge in MediaCorp Channel 5’s Wok Stars. He was in also the show in The Listener Episode “Amuse Bouch” as a Judge in a reality TV show Five star chef.


Leung is married to Maria and has a daughter.

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